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Posted in Giro d'Italia by lagazzettadellabici on May 23, 2009

Ive been watching coverage of the giro on EUROSPORT for the past couple of weeks and although I do love Sean Kelly and put up with David Harmon it just makes me realise that a bike race is not a bike race without the voices of Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin. Roll on the Tour de France and ITV4.

Here are some classic examples of Liggettisms from wikipedia.

Ooops, a red light — but we’re all going through anyway as you do in the Tour de France. The Peloton just keeps rolling on.
His legs will be screaming for him to stop!
He’s dancing on his pedals in a most immodest way!
He climbs like an angel!
He’s wearing the mask of pain.
He’s crazy. He’s always been crazy. And what on EARTH is he doing?
This is a pedigree group of men, they are holding on by the skin of their shorts.
And just who is that rider coming up behind, because… that looks like Stephen Roche! IT’S STEPHEN ROCHE! [1]
His bike actually weighs less than 1 kg. It’s a dream going up the hill, but he’ll be blown away going down it.
We now watch the riders make their way up the mountain road, chosen by the road department as the least arduous path. I can tell you right now these riders would disagree with their choice.
Greg Lemond has literally come back from the dead to lead the Tour de France.
Now if I were an Olympic cycling judge—which as it happens I am—I’d say that was all right.
That is twenty-one miles of pure purgatory.
He’s really having to dig deeply into the suitcase of courage.
These are the great adventurers of the Tour de France, and the spirit of the race for all to see. Go out and see what you can do.
Paul Sherwen, with this attack the chicken skin is about to fall.
These boys are descending like stones.
The yellow jersey makes you ride like two men.
He’s riding like he has four legs.
The big man is in a ‘spot of bother’ on this climb.
On Lance Armstrong during a time trial: “LOOK, LOOK at that infernal cadence”
On Lance Armstrong during his 7th Tour de France : “The dynamite is lit, and we are waiting for the explosion”
Alexander Vinokourov, the man who refuses to die.
There’s Jan Ullrich, turning over those massive gears!
They threw every part of their body at the bike!


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