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Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on August 4, 2009

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I love cycling caps. I don’t need to go on about them anymore. What I will do however is post companies and places I find where you can get your caps from. Today I want to post about a company called Rocket Fuel from Australia. They make caps for men women and babies. Certain trendy handmade cycling cap makers just dont get it quite right regarding the style and shape of their cycling caps which might be ok for the fixie crowd but it don’t rub in my book. However Rocket Fuel have it spot on with a good attention to detail when it comes to shape and peak length which is most important. All I wish they would do is make a all black wool belgium winter cap (HINT HINT). This is from their site: You love your bike and you like to look good, or at least attempt to anyway. With a Rocket Fuel Cycling cap you can say ‘yes I am wearing a business suit, but on my bike I can drop you so hard you’ll wish you never got out of bed, and what’s more I’ll look good doing it.’
Rocket Fuel Cycling caps are hand made from a mix of recycled, reused, vintage and new materials. Most styles are exclusive editions of one, while others are limited editions.

So check them out if you wish. Their site can be view here….and you can follow them on twitter here…


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