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Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on October 28, 2009
Hello Gazzetta fans! Here at Gazzetta HQ I like to keep my friends happy and warm during these cold dark nights and that’s why I’m sharing a little known cycling tip I’ve discovered recently. Everyone who cycles regularly knows the benefits of wearing a baselayer either during summer or like now during the winter. Unfortunately many branded cycling specific baselayers top the £50 a pop mark and that is not easy on the old rizzle. However recently I was directed to everyones favorite JAPANESE clothing store UNIQLO and to a new range of baselayers they have introduced called HEAT TECH. This is the press release that accompanies the launch of this range and i’ll give you my opinions afterwards.
UNIQLO’s Heat Tech the perfect way to fight the cold and beat the big freeze is back and bolder than ever for Autumn Winter 2009. Hailed as Japan’s Winter wardrobe essential with an estimated one in three Japanese residents owning a Heat Tech garment and now over 36 million pieces sold since its launch in 2006, UNIQLO’s Heat Tech is now a firm favourite in the UK following the phenomenal sell-out success of the collection last year. Designed to be worn either on its own or as a layering piece, the UNIQLO Heat Tech collection is available in ten styles and a variety of neutral colours. Updated for 2009 in neon brights and camouflage prints for men, and raspberry, plum, citrus green and bright turquoises for women. The collection features a selection of styles for women, including new camisoles and tank tops with built in cups for added support, as well as long and short sleeve t-shirts, tights and leggings. For men this year we introduce the ever trusty Heat Tech long john in two lengths, a firm UK favourite and perfect for any Winter sporting activity! The waffle texture t-shirt is a another welcome addition to the existing ever-popular line up of men’s crew, v-neck and polo-neck long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts, adding a new layering dimension to Winter dressing.
How Does It Work? UNIQLO developed Heat Tech in conjunction with leader fibre developer Toray Industries to create the perfect layering garment that retains all the body’s natural heat.

• HEAT GENERATING – The highly absorbent rayon mix fabric absorbs the moisture generated by the body and converts it into heat.

• HEAT RETAINING – Tiny pockets of air are trapped between each fibre, making it hard for the generated heat to escape.

• STRETCHABLE – The soft stretchy fabric moves with the body and creates a snug fit, making it the perfect outerwear or innerwear layering item.

• MOISTURE RETAINING – Milk protein containing natural amino acids has been mixed with the fibres ensuring the fabric is smooth and soft to touch.

• ANTIBACTERIAL – Antibacterial agents have been woven into the fibres to help keep the fabric fresh.
Purely in the name of research Ive been wearing these things to death for the last 2 weeks and they have endured over 200 miles on the old treader, they have been slept in, worn all day on and off the bike and have been washed quite a few times now. I am really impressed and am happy to say they easily as good as their £50 cycling specific ones i have tried. They have kept me warm and dry whilst riding and a mega comfy to wear off the bike and as a layer too. Ive got the crew neck short and long sleeve and the waffle design and the all work great. Im looking to buy the polo necked version to act and to double up as a good neck collar for the really cold weather.
I know that baselayers can be a very personal choice for a lot of people but I though I would mention these as a really good cheap flexible alternative to the fancy ones. They also come in about a million colours too so you can easily match up your layers. The best bit is that they are only £9.99 each so you can buy millions for the price of one fancy one. Even after washing they have kept there shape and colour well and the fit has not become ‘baggy’ which can happen with cheaper things. So its cold out there… Look after yourself and get down to friendly UNIQLO and get yourself some baselayer goodness. If there isnt a UNIQLO near you its possible to order them online at

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