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Petacchi shines on Calabria’s stage two

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Alessandro Petacchi took his first win for the Lampre-Farnese Vini on day two at the Giro della Provincia di Reggio Calabria in southern Italy on Sunday. Petacchi dominated the finish with his powerful sprinting style after a lead out from new last man Danilo Hondo. He beat Spain’s Francisco Ventoso (Carmiooro-NGC) and fellow Italian Mattia Gavazzi (Colnago-CSF Inox).

Marianne Vos (Netherlands) is world c-cross champion for the third time.

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Picture of the day, Giuseppe Saronni

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Born in Novara, Piedmont, Saronni turned professional in 1977. During his career, that lasted until 1989, he won 193 races. In Italy he gave birth to a famous rivalry with Francesco Moser, like those of Alfredo Binda with Learco Guerra, and Fausto Coppi with Gino Bartali. In 1978 Saronni won three stages in the Giro d’Italia. In total he would win 24 stages in this race, winning the overall twice (1979 and 1983). In 1982 he won the World Cycling Championship at Goodwood House, England, beating American Greg LeMond. His final sprint was so impressive that it gained him the nickname of “Goodwood rifle-shot”. The previous year he had won a silver medal, as he had been overcome in the final by Freddy Maertens of Belgium. In 1982 Saronni also won the Giro di Lombardia. At the beginning of 1983 another striking sprint gave him the Milan-Sanremo classic, after three consecutive second places in that race. This was Saronni’s last great victory. Today Saronni works as team manager of Damiano Cunego‘s Lampre team in Italy and lives in Parabiago, Lombardy.

Italian National Road Race Champions

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1885 Giuseppe Loretz
1886 Geo Davidson
1887 Gilberto Marley
1888 Gilberto Marley
1889 Gilberto Marley
1890 Carlo Braida
1891 Ambrogio Robecchi
1892 Luigi Cantu
1893 Giuseppe Moreschi
1895-1894 Not held
1896 Giovanni da Montelatico
1905-1897 Not held
1906 Giovanni Cuniolo
1907 Giovanni Cuniolo
1908 Giovanni Cuniolo
1909 Dario Beni
1910 Emilio Petiva
1911 Dario Beni
1912 Angelo Gremo (disqualified)
1913 Costante Girardengo
1914 Costante Girardengo
1915-1918 Not held
1919 Costante Girardengo
1920 Costante Girardengo
1921 Costante Girardengo
1922 Costante Girardengo
1923 Costante Girardengo
1924 Costante Girardengo
1925 Costante Girardengo
1926 Alfredo Binda
1927 Alfredo Binda
1928 Alfredo Binda
1929 Alfredo Binda
1930 Learco Guerra
1931 Learco Guerra
1932 Learco Guerra
1933 Learco Guerra
1934 Learco Guerra
1935 Gino Bartali
1936 Giuseppe Olmo
1937 Not held
1938 Olimpio Bizzi
1939 Mario Vicini
1940 Gino Bartali
1941 Adolfo Leoni
1942 Fausto Coppi
1943 Mario Ricci
1944 Not held
1945 Severino Canavesi
1946 Aldo Ronconi
1947 Fausto Coppi
1948 Vito Ortelli
1949 Fausto Coppi
1950 Antonio Bevilacqua
1951 Fiorenzo Magni
1952 Gino Bartali
1953 Fiorenzo Magni
1954 Fiorenzo Magni
1955 Fausto Coppi
1956 Giorgio Albani
1957 Ercole Baldini
1958 Ercole Baldini
1959 Diego Ronchini
1960 Nino Defilippis
1961 Arturo Sabbadin
1962 Nino Defilippis
1963 Bruno Mealli
1964 Guido De Rosso
1965 Michele Dancelli
1966 Michele Dancelli
1967 Franco Balmamion
1968 Felice Gimondi
1969 Vittorio Adorni
1970 Franco Bitossi
1971 Franco Bitossi
1972 Felice Gimondi
1973 Enrico Paolini
1974 Enrico Paolini
1975 Francesco Moser
1976 Franco Bitossi
1977 Enrico Paolini
1978 Pierino Gavazzi
1979 Francesco Moser
1980 Giuseppe Saronni
1981 Francesco Moser
1982 Pierimo Gavazzi
1983 Moreno Argentin
1984 Vittorio Algeri
1985 Claudio Corti
1986 Claudio Corti
1987 Bruno Leali
1988 Pierino Gavazzi
1989 Moreno Argentin
1990 Giorgio Furlan
1991 Gianni Bugno
1992 Marco Giovannetti
1993 Massimo Podenzana
1994 Massimo Podenzana
1995 Gianni Bugno
1996 Mario Cipollini
1997 Gianni Faresin
1998 Andrea Tafi
1999 Salvatore Commesso
2000 Michele Bartoli
2001 Daniele Nardello
2002 Salvatore Commesso
2003 Paolo Bettini
2004 Cristian Moreni
2005 Enrico Gasparotto
2006 Paolo Bettini
2007 Giovanni Visconti
2008 Filippo Simeoni
2009 Filippo Pozzato

Richard Mitchelson Rouleur 16 cover

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More great illustrations from my good friend Richard for the new Rouleur cover……..

Notes on today’s bike ride. 50 miles, very cold.

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Notes from todays bike ride: 1. Dont realise that 10 miles into your ride you have forgotten to take your medication. A. You WILL SPAK out!

Notes from todays bike ride: 2. When you start to SPAK out from no medication stop riding your bike it makes it easier to deal with.

Notes from todays bike ride: 3. Dont let that annoying little rattle ruin your whole ride. Bikes rattle get over it.

Notes from todays bike ride: 4. Dont whatever you do try and ride your bike down the Royal Mile into Windsor you WILL get really bollocked.

Notes from todays bike ride 5. When in windsor remember its a mass tourist attraction & dont be surprise with how many Japanese people there

Notes from todays bike ride: 6. Only ever eat in the MAMA MIA CAFE nowhere else. No one else does but that is the best thing about it

Notes from todays bike ride: 7. When going up hill dont keep pedalling if your chain comes off its not a pretty sight

Notes from todays bike ride: 8. If you stop for a cup of tea sit inside or your legs wont work when you get back on your bike.

Notes from todays bike ride: 9. After 100 stop saying hello to every rider you see as no one say hello back so just get on with your ride

Notes from todays bike ride: 10. Whatever you do dont reckon you can find a NEW route home as you can’t and will get lost.

Notes from todays bike ride: 11. The drivers pulling out that are looking & talking to their KID in the back of the car cant see you as well


Notes from todays bike ride: 13. HOWEVER dont hit the driver because you have forgotten your medication and will go to prison

Notes from todays bike ride: 14. Dont let any of these little annoying things stop you from riding your bike as its been very good today.

I am Ted King

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on January 30, 2010 is the blog of, you guessed it, Ted King of Cervelo. I’ve been reading it for a while now and he is a proper good man as well as an excellent bike rider.

My favorite cyclists for 2010 No.4 Vincenzo Nibali

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Vincenzo Nibali (born November 14, 1984 in Messina) is an Italian Pro who rides for Liquigas. Born near the Strait of Messina, Nibali’s nickname is the “shark of the strait” or simply “the shark.” His first major win came at the 2006 GP Ouest-France, where he bested an impressive field on a tough course. However, experts such as Michele Bartoli have said Nibali is most suited to competing in multi-stage races. I’m not going to crap on about Vincenzo as there is no need. He is one of the best new young Italians out there and if Liquigas give him support he will ride some amazing races this year. A star of the future is about to appear.

A new blog to obbsessively look through

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Cycling Tips is a blog I’ve only just found through my friend Gemma and I’m happy I have found it as its great and coming from Australia gives a great new perspective on things. Check it out here, They are on twitter too at

Picture of the day Fausto Coppi e Giulia Occhini 1956 (La Dama Bianca)

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Thanks Richard