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My favorite riders for 2010 No7 ….. Carlos Sastre Canil (King of Spain)

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on February 11, 2010

Carlos Sastre Candil (born 22 April 1975 in Leganés, Madrid). The other day I was asked is cycling a Science or an Art? I reckon its a beautiful mix of the two and nowhere is this more apparent than in the riding of my all time favorite cyclist Carlos Sastre. To me he is the greatest ever. Carlos could not win another race in his career but I would still believe him to be the most interesting, positive and outstanding rider ever to pedal a bike. In a world of science and power outputs he is still one of the only riders I see disappear up a mountain with nothing but belief in his heart. Whilst certain self proclaimed champions of the sport publically abuse their position of power through their charity work, Carlos quietly helps and influences many young children’s lives through his charity which is always done with humour, humility and love. Carlos simple is the Champion of all Champions and will always remain my greatest cyclist ever.

Please view Carlos Sastre’s charity work here


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