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Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on February 14, 2010

So a little while ago a friend of mine called Gemma after hearing a particularly potty mouthed rant of mine regarding Lance Armstrong and his villainous deeds said “Ha, Ha, you should be called LAMBSTRONG you would get far more followers than that DOUCHE. Hence an evil PARODY was born with my alter ego LAMBSTONG and my online store for LAMBSTRONG merchandise WWW.RUBBERJOHNNYS.COM. Since then I forgotten about it apart from the occasional reference, until another couple of friends, Nick and Dave, opened a LAMBSTORNG twitter account and started tweeting Armstrong PARODY with Dave in charge of RUBBERJOHNNYS merchandise. Dave sent me an amazing replica T-Shirt which I posted the other day and is featured again below; and that’s it the story so far! However, it looks like LIVESTRONG, the actual “Armstrong charity,” has found out about it. Like most right wing, self righteous, religious zealot groups they don’t see the PARODY of it all and sent Dave an email via one of their poor Legal intern gimps demanding to know the “origin and purpose” of LAMBSTRONG and my T-SHIRT. Below is the aforementioned email from Joseph Halbert Legal Intern, LIVESTRONG.

Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 14:46:21 -0600
Subject: LambStrong Shirts

Hello Mr. Wilson,
My name is Joseph Halbert, and I am an intern at LIVESTRONG headquarters in Austin, Texas.  We are interested in learning more about your LambStrong shirts, as they seem to have become an internet phenomenon.  In particular, we are interested in their origin and purpose.  Any information you can provide would be helpful and appreciated.



Legal Intern

p 512.236.8820 Ext. 2020
f 512.236.8482

So Mr Halbert I hope the above post goes some way of answering you question of what and where LAMBSTRONG originated. Don’t worry we are not obsessed with world domination like Lance is, we won’t be running against him for governor of TEXAS or President of the U S of A. You are welcome to him and we definitely don’t claim to be the cure to cancer we are just a bunch of cycling obsessed fans using out finely tuned English sense of humour to poke fun at your constant desire for control and megalomania.

King Regards

p.s. Thanks for calling us an “internet phenomenon”, no one has ever said that about us before.


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