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My one and definitely only David Millar post.

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on February 20, 2010

Listening to David Millar talk about anti-doping in cycling fills me with as much repulsion as listening to the TORY party talk about how they are going to transform the social services. Both are only speaking to make themselves popular and to actually hide a malignant previous career filled with lies, cheating and arrogant mistakes. David’s constant judgment of other embarrassed dopers is not only infuriating and sickening (what gives him the right to decide who and which ex-doper deserves to come back into the peleton) but it perfectly illustrates the arrogance of the man who now, deciding that he has re-invented himself as a purified papa, has the right to pass judgment on other cheats. I have spoken numerous times on this blog that doping is not a problem I hide from. I assess every doping case on the individual situation. I don’t care that Millar doped, even though its interesting to see that his career since then has basically come to nothing but self proclaimed prophecy and greatness. It’s the arrogance and superiority he breaches that infuriates me and which perfectly shows why he doped in the first place. He believes he is above others. I hate to write such negativity on La Gazzetta Della Bici but the constant hero worship of Millar as an anti doping hero sickens me. Listening to him talk about anti doping is just like hearing a greasy political spin doctor. He never really says anything that we haven’t already heard before and its all just lip service to something he believes makes him a better person and a better man. A real man, a better man David admits his mistakes shuts the fuck up puts his head down and gets the fuck on with things to the best of his ability with authentic honesty. The fact that you now have also re-invented yourself as a SUPER DOMESTIQUE is an insult to the many riders who heroically ride the toughest race in the peleton without the glory and heroic adoration of the winner’s. Super Domestiques are the bravest, strongest, most dedicated members of any team, none of these things can be applied to yourself. I could go on forever with this but I feel I’ve got to say just what I wanted to say and I will never mention Millar again, you are a embarrassment to the great name British Cyclists bring to the profession of cycle racing.

Simon Lamb

La Gazzetta Della Bici


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