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Original Battaglia Italia custom Arione Fizik saddle.

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Today is just getting better. After Mike Cotty sent me a photograph of his Battaglia Italia I commented on how much I liked the saddle so he sent me this picture of the original custom Arione that went with it. However Mike’s favourite FIZIK saddle is their Aliante so he had one made in the Italian colours to match his bike.It doesn’t get much better than that.


Easter brings faithful to Flanders by: Stephen Farrand

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Head over to cycling news for the best preview of Sunday’s Ronde van Vlaanderen, by the consistently good Stephen Farrand.

Photo: © Sirotti

Battaglia Italiana – by Mike Cotty

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As if by magic as soon as I posted the picture of Cannondale’s six13 ‘Battaglia Italiana’ Mike Cotty sent me this beautiful picture of his own model. Mike’s website and work can be seen at 

Thanks Mike

One of my favourite things about this bike is the beautiful Italian national coloured saddle. 

Mike also sent me this great email explaining a bit about the history of the bike.

Great piece on the Battaglia Italiana! It’s a super cool bike built around the second generation Six13 and hand painted by Italian airbrush artist Lara Cassanelli from to mark the apparent rivalry between Simoni and Cunego in the 2005 Giro d’ Italia. Both riders were supplied with the custom bike for the race with a limited run of just 20 made available for the public, each individually numbered. Well, that’s almost correct. There was another one made (actually the very original) that floats across the road as if assisted by angels climbing the Colle delle Finestre. Half a decade on and it still stirs something deep in my soul on every ride. Now that’s special.

Le cycliste

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Only PRO’s crash this dramatically.

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Its like a scene from saving Private Ryan
Photo: TDW

Secrets of the PRO Peleton… Nike Football Socks

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My problems with socks are as follows; I have a size 9 foot (43) most socks in medium end at size 8(42) and most large socks start at a 9(43) but goes on up to 12(46) so my feet fall into a weird middle area. Medium socks are too small and feel tight and uncomfortable where most large socks have that annoying baggy heel problem of being to big. Also I like to wear leg warmers at this time of year and most cycling sport based socks finish at the point of my leg where the leg warmers start so after a little while on the bike I get that annoying gap of bare skin where the two meet. It was when I was looking for some compression socks I had a eureka moment of buying these little babies and all my problems have been solved in one go. I brought medium but since they are football sock they are extremely stretchy to fit over shinpads etc so fit my size 9 feet perfectly. They have this great fitted support area under the sole (which can be seen by the orange and grey area) which really holds your feet snugly and the just on knee length means that they not only act as another layer of leg warmer they don’t fall down and expose any skin to the vile British weather. They are also dry-fit so are great at keeping you fresh all day. They are a low level compression sock also so give loads of great support and help with the old achy leg problem and they are only £6 a pair. They come in Black and White so perfect of any occasion for this chilly springtime.

Favourite bikes of the PRO Peleton by Paul Whitfield of C3 Products

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Another entry into the Favorite bikes of the PRO Peleton is this LUSH CANNONDALE ‘Battaglia Italiana’ SIX13 made for Lampre. It is lovely and speaking to Paul he thinks Rory Masini might have had something to do with the paint work. Rory could you let us know the history of this bike. Paul is part of the amazing C3 Products who distribute amongst other things FMB TUBS, Sportique and Sportful to the UK market their website is

Lamby’s Embrocation….. The first test batch.

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Yes, yes, yes I know its nearly summer and the winter is over now but the spring is upon us and there’s still the need for a HOT EMBROCATION on those early morning rides. Its taken me nearly 4 months to get this right and I’ve had some great PRO feedback on what I’m doing wrong but the image below is the first test batch of my own HOT EMBROCATION Balm containing everything you need to get yourself up and going before a ride. Without giving all my research and hard work away for nothing this little baby contains a mix of 5 essential oils including Cinnamon, Cloves and Eucalyptus and Coconut oil and Capsicum. It’s going in the fridge now to set and the sample will be tested on the Gazzetta Della Bici Bedford Ride this Saturday with impressions and opinions published on my return. Anyone who has sampled my Massage Oil I’ll contact you to see if you want to try this.

Secrets of the PRO Peleton… BLISS BARS

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Its official MULE BARS and most cycling specific energy bars give me really bad wind and I end up smelling like a old dog with bowel disease. So, in my quest to find a replacement I’ve discovered these little gems from my local hippy shop in Richmond. My problems are two fold, firstly the wind issue and secondly most bars are so big its a real hassle trying to munch your way through one when you are close to passing out from fatigue in the first place. Bliss Bars however solve both those problems in one go. So far the GAS has been kept to a low and although they are very dense they are not much bigger than a box of matches so are easily eaten without feeling full. Made of something called MACA ASHWAGANDHA RAW CHOCOLATE and containing a potent mix of herbs designed to combat stress, fatigue and exhustion these little gems are nearly perfect cycling food and because they are small they dont take up hardly any space in your jersey pocket either. Per 40g bar contains 173kcal, 3.6g Protein, and 20.0g of Carbohydrate and although maybe not perfect for everyone I have found them perfect for me. The ingredients are: Dates, Cashew Butter, Raw Cacao Cacao Butter, Mac, Brown Rice Syrup, Sunflower Oil, Vanilla Pods, Ashwagandha Root, Salt and Green Tea Extract. They are Organic, Vegan with no added sugar, Diary free, Gluten free, Soya free and non GM so they are pretty much super food all round.

Maybe give them a go. They come in at £1 in my local shop

Secrets of the PRO Peleton… Breakfast Mix

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Anyone who knows me knows that I hate porridge, however good for you and however good it is for cycling I just cant bare the stuff. However I realise a man won’t cycle far on coco pops alone and knowing its benefits to cyclists I set myself a goal to find a similar replacement for the vile stuff that is much more tasty and doesn’t need to be disguised by a million other things to make it edible. So I’ve developed my own Breakfast mix, which incorporates the dreaded jumbo oats and much, much more. Everything is organic, healthy and good for me but doesn’t taste and look like wet sand. There is Organic Wheat Free Muesli, Organic Jumbo Oats, Goji Berries and Organic 73% Dark Belgian Chocolate bits just to keep me from becoming suicidal at the breakfast table. This stuff is great and you only need a little amount to last you all day so although the ingredients are quite expensive it tends to last forever.