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Michael Barry’s Writings

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on March 4, 2010

Michael Barry is the brightest and best cyclist/writer in the Peleton at the moment if not ever. Here is a list of links to his articles and writings to date. Everything can be found at his blog Le Métier.

Michael Barry’sWritings:

New York Times Diary
Cycling in America Is One Big Exchange Program – 9/23/2009
Calibrating Tour Dreams for Smaller Glories – 7/21/2009
Pushing the Limit; Blood, Muddy Courses and Air Horns – 11/13/2008
A Fast Day Can Last a Lifetime – 9/29/2008
Pedaling His Way Back to His Passion – 9/12/2008
A Ride Like No Other: Glimpsing China, New and Old – 8/11/2008
Tour de France; In a Time Trial, Drama Occurs When the Clock Stops – 7/26/2008
When the Peloton Doesn’t Flow, the Blood Does – 7/22/2008
Big Tour, Little Tour, Everything In Between – 7/15/2008
In the Pursuit of Glory, Far Behind the Leaders – 7/12/2008
Tour de Torture: Who Is Prepared to Suffer the Most? – 7/3/2008

Velonews Diary
Openers – 02/02/2010
Christmas in Girona – 12/25/2009
An eding looms, along with a new beginning – 09/11/2009
Victory is secondary – 08/26/2009
The time of transition – 08/15/2009
Michael Barry gives an inside view of Monday’s brutal Giro stage – 05/26/2009
We will surely fight until the end – 05/12/2009
Waiting in Venice – 05/08/2009
The road to San Remo – 03/24/2009
From Qatar to Cali – 02/26/2009
Together we triumph – 02/10/2009
Wind, Eddy and a victory – 02/05/2009
The Peloton Unplugged – 02/04/2009
Peloton on a plane; Boonen and Cavendish chat on the flight to Qatar – 01/30/2009



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