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Wake by Klaas de Vries and David Mitchell at the Nationale Reisopera, Enschede Holland

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on March 9, 2010

My beautiful wife Lynne who is a brilliant actress is in her first opera this year at the Nationale Reisopera, Enschede, Holland. This is big news and I’m so proud of her she is a star. It also means from a selfish perspective that she will be in Holland when the GIRO starts there this year so I’m getting my chubby butt straight out there for some proper GIRO action. Anyway here are the details of the opera which will be on tour all over Holland in the next few months so if you live there or are on holiday check it out. My wife is the pretty one thats the best actor on the stage.

Wake by Klaas de Vries and David Mitchel

On a completely ordinary evening, somewhere high in a block of flats, nine disparate but interrelated stories of passion, reconciliation, humour, TV football, the pain of adolescence and infirmity of old age, are suddenly interrupted by an unspecified catastrophe that changes the lives of eighteen people forever. Are there words to bridge the gap between us, the survivors, and those we have lost? When we give a voice to memory and emotion, what comfort will they bring?

Wake blends opera, mystery play, moving images and literary fiction in a powerful meditation on grief, transcendence and the human spirit. The Nationale Reisopera and the city of Enschede asked composer Klaas de Vries and British writer David Mitchell (known for several novels, among them Cloud Atlas) to create a music theatre work to mark the tenth anniversary of the firework disaster that struck Enschede. We wanted to find an appropriate way to respond to that seemingly ordinary day, by the end of which the lives of so many people would never be the same again.

Please visit: and look for Wake


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