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Magni’s Simplex Derailleurs

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on March 12, 2010

Here’s a pic showing the second set of shifters used by Fiorenzo Magni (and probably the rest of the Italian B team) during the 1949 TdF. the stocky Italian is on his way to winning stage 10, from San Sebastian to Pau, on a Wilier – La Triestina equipped with Simplex derailleurs. On Magni’s wheel – Edouard Fachleitner, in his purple and white jersey of the Sud-Est regional team.

The two Italian teams used quite a variety of derailleurs in the 1949 Tour, with the National Team split between Simplex (Coppi and his supporting riders) and Cervino (Bartali and his supporting riders). Add the alternating Simplex and Campagnolo cambio Corsa derailleurs of the Cadets Italiens, and you have a pretty good collection of parts!
From “La Gazzetta dello Sport – 200 Momenti Fotografici del ‘Tour’ 1949” by Emilio De Martino. 

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