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Fabio’s racing progress week 2 Southport Crits series

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on March 15, 2010

Last weekend saw Fabio line up for the second week of crits in Southport. This week saw him race for the first time in Sub 7 team colours and here is his report.

Race 1
The first race was 12 laps long around a 1 kilometre circuit. The weather was cold and windy but thankfully no rain. The race started off quite slowly until one rider got to the front and the bunch split into numerous groups all over the course. I was in a breakaway of 4 with about 12 laps to go. The pace was fast and we started to lap riders about 4 laps in! This was dangerous on the corners because some of the lapped riders were inexperienced and clumsy cutting straight across the corner and cutting our group up. There were a few attacks that were brought back but one attack went with 2 laps to go and I was chasing on my own having dropped the other rider. I was catching them fast but then on a mini roundabout a ‘clumsy’ rider cut straight across forcing me to go on the grass. This shook my confidence and determination to catch them but I still tried. I pushed the last lap all the way to the line but I was caught by the rider I had previously dropped and he sprinted past me on the line. I came 4th which I was happy with but could of done better.

Race 2
The wind had picked up but this race was only 10 laps. They handicapped the race so the lapped riders from the previous race had a chance of winning and the non-lapped riders had to ride harder. Started off at about 22mph and the group was all together but when we got into the headwind a strong rider came to the front and smashed the group to pieces. We ended up in a breakaway of 4 the same 4 as the last race. We caught the riders who were set off first in 2 laps and went straight past them and carried on about 25-28mph. Again there were a few attacks but no major threat. When there was 3 laps to go the same 2 riders who attacked attacked again and got away. Me and the other rider chased hard but were not going to catch them. I looked behind and realised everyone else was about three quarters of a lap behind so we took the last few laps easier. I sat on his wheel for the last lap refusing to work but on the final straight he sprinted first into the headwind but there was no way of getting round him and I got 4th again.

So far so good with four races and four fourth places. I’m racing at the same place next week and then I have the national circuit championship in Yarborough.

Fabio Close


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