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Secrets of the PRO Peleton (Lifeline Syn Lube)

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on March 24, 2010

For some reason I spend loads of money on chain lube and constantly moan that all the products I use are rubbish, gloopy, waterery, messy and gunky. This was until my good friend Rich Land of Sprinting For Signs blog fame and all round encyclopedia of cycling knowledge and Belgian goodness told me to stop mucking about with “all that rubbish” and get this. This, was Morgan Blue Lifeline Syn Lube which as it say on the tube is of PRO TEAM Quality. There is usually a reason PRO Team mechanics use things and that’s because it is the best stuff around and this stuff really is. It’s definitely the best I have ever used and believe me I have tried nearly every product there is in the bike shop. Its very heavy and nicely just sits into the chain without making a constant excess muck collecting grit and sand along the road, because of this you just need a little drop making it last longer which is good too. I can easily see why this stuff is used by Columbia, Saxo Bank, Vaconsoleil, Quickstep, Cervelo Test Team, Rabobank, Francaise des Jeux, Team SKY, AG2R, Cofidis and Omega Lotto and I’m very glad Rich recommended it to me so thanks Rich. Finally no more messing around and no more wasting money on other rubbish. At the moment I can only find this stuff at WIGGLE so head over to their website and get yourself some and notice the difference it makes to your chain and gears, it’s as beautiful as ergh chain lube can get. Wiggle has the full range of LIFELINE products and according to Rich they are all just as good.

Here are a couple of usful links:
Rich’s amazing blog Sprinting For Signs
Rich on twitter
Wiggle’s LIFELINE range of lubricants


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