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Battaglia Italiana – by Mike Cotty

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on March 31, 2010

As if by magic as soon as I posted the picture of Cannondale’s six13 ‘Battaglia Italiana’ Mike Cotty sent me this beautiful picture of his own model. Mike’s website and work can be seen at 

Thanks Mike

One of my favourite things about this bike is the beautiful Italian national coloured saddle. 

Mike also sent me this great email explaining a bit about the history of the bike.

Great piece on the Battaglia Italiana! It’s a super cool bike built around the second generation Six13 and hand painted by Italian airbrush artist Lara Cassanelli from to mark the apparent rivalry between Simoni and Cunego in the 2005 Giro d’ Italia. Both riders were supplied with the custom bike for the race with a limited run of just 20 made available for the public, each individually numbered. Well, that’s almost correct. There was another one made (actually the very original) that floats across the road as if assisted by angels climbing the Colle delle Finestre. Half a decade on and it still stirs something deep in my soul on every ride. Now that’s special.


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