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Secrets of the PRO Peleton… Nike Football Socks

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on March 31, 2010

My problems with socks are as follows; I have a size 9 foot (43) most socks in medium end at size 8(42) and most large socks start at a 9(43) but goes on up to 12(46) so my feet fall into a weird middle area. Medium socks are too small and feel tight and uncomfortable where most large socks have that annoying baggy heel problem of being to big. Also I like to wear leg warmers at this time of year and most cycling sport based socks finish at the point of my leg where the leg warmers start so after a little while on the bike I get that annoying gap of bare skin where the two meet. It was when I was looking for some compression socks I had a eureka moment of buying these little babies and all my problems have been solved in one go. I brought medium but since they are football sock they are extremely stretchy to fit over shinpads etc so fit my size 9 feet perfectly. They have this great fitted support area under the sole (which can be seen by the orange and grey area) which really holds your feet snugly and the just on knee length means that they not only act as another layer of leg warmer they don’t fall down and expose any skin to the vile British weather. They are also dry-fit so are great at keeping you fresh all day. They are a low level compression sock also so give loads of great support and help with the old achy leg problem and they are only £6 a pair. They come in Black and White so perfect of any occasion for this chilly springtime.


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