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OH my god look what I just got from Molly Cameron. Molly you are my fucking hero thanks so much its the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I am literally bouncing up and down like a e’d up teenager. You are the best ever!!!! hahahahahaha


Old School Keirin Photographs

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My second blog post of this morning from James who living in Japan always sorts me out with my love of Keirin Racing. Thanks again James….

It doesn’t get more PRO than this……

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My good friend James, who is not only from Portsmouth but now lives in Japan which I am immediately jealous of has let me reproduce this blog post on bartape from his great blog Team Machin–e Racing. Basically this is the most PRO thing I have ever seen and he isn’t a fake PRO like me James actually rides, races and wins big stuff in Japan. Check him out he is a great guy and good friend and he has got a very nice bike.

The Pro Touch

As you can tell from my previous blog entry I’m rather choosey about the components, accessories, parts and looks of my road bike and like everything to match and seamlessly blend with the bike.

After a long winter riding both indoor and outdoor I wanted to change over my bar tape and Hudz, for white but after someone dropped the bombshell that I’d placed on the podium for every event I’d raced this year it may be unwise to switch colour of tape. I’m not superstitious but best not leave things to chance!!
I went with the Silva “Forello” nastro per manubrio, or to the laymen out there, bar tape ribbon, and picked it up in both red and white to see how both would look.
Having had my head messed with, I went with the red and honestly I think it looks much better with the white hoods. Now most people will have a shop change the ribbon but I actually like doing it myself as I know a few tricks to keep the bar tape in very good condition and wanted to finish off with my own custom holding tape.

How To Wrap Your Bars, Properly!

First off I wrap each side of the handle bar in opposite directions, the right bar anti-clockwise and the left clockwise, the reason for this is that riders tend to roll the hands outwards when in the drops and by wrapping the tape this way you actually tighten the tape rather than loosen it.
Now this is the tricky part as once you clear the hoods you need to reverse the direction of the wrap as otherwise when resting on the tops you’ll loosen the tape, by reverse wrapping you tighten the tape again.
Ever wondered why after a Pro Tour rider crashes his bar tape doesn’t unravel?
Well the trick here is to wrap the most damage prone area, which is the drops, with either double sided tape or upside down electrical tape “sticky side up” this will prevent the bars unravelling in the event of crashes… Crit riders and JCRC riders should take note!

Finally the holding tape, most holding tape you get with the ribbon tape looks crap if we are honest about it and normally doesn’t match your team or personal colours. This is where the ¥100 store electrical tape comes in to play again.

Having chosen the desired team, nationality or personal favourite colours of electrical tape you’ll need a cutting board, sharp knife or razor and a ruler.
Make sure your cutting surface is ultra clean and dry and lay down your first colour about 15-20cm, try not to stretch the tape at this point as it will make things easier and then cut.

Next take your secondary colour and lay this over the top overlapping the first layer, I left about a 5mm gap between each layer as I didn’t want the bands to thick, again cut using a sharp blade. Laying the final colour is a bit tricky as the tape already laid wants to roll back on its self so you may need to firmly push the leading end down to stick to the cutting board.
I then cut the final black layer down to the required depth of 5mm, giving me a 15mm width holding tape which is the common width for most major brands. The next step is to cut it in to strips; I cut mine to 17cm which again is about the same length as standard tape holder.
Now before applying the tape I sealed both ends with a hot knife, this prevents the layers from separating. All I had to do then was secure the bar tape ribbon in the usual manner and again using a hot knife bonded the end to prevent it from unwrapping. Again you should always wrap the holding tape anti-clockwise as this will tighten the tape when riding on the tops.
The final effect is exactly what I wanted incorporating all the colours of the bike and giving some clear lines between where the bar tape ribbon ends and the bars start as well as keeping with the overall design of the bike.

Il Campione e il Bandito

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Good friend of mine and author of the great photographs I have just post Manfred Willkomm has a friend in Italy called Fausto, who is working on a new film about Girardengo and has very kindly let me post these exclusive pre-production photos from on set. I’m really excited about this. The film is based on the true story of campione Costante Girardengo and his greatest fan the bandit Sante Pollastri. The story goes that Sante Pollastri escaped arrest several times from the police and it was only after a policeman found out that Pollastri was a great fan of Girardengo that they managed to arrest him at the finish line of a race. The location of the set was in a historical villa near to Torino.

I really want to say thank you to Manfred and Fausto for letting me post these pictures on La Gazzetta Della Bici. I appreciated it very much.

Last km of the climb on the top of the Feldberg by Manfred Willkomm

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Thanks Manfred as always

Team Sky have announced their nine-man squad for next month’s Giro d’Italia, their first Grand Tour.

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Bradley Wiggins and Dario Cioni are joined by Michael Barry, Steve Cummings, Chris Froome, Mathew Hayman, Greg Henderson, Morris Possoni and Chris Sutton. The 21-stage event starts with a time trial in Amsterdam on 8 May and finishes with another race against the clock in Verona on 30 May. It covers 3,418 kilometres in total and takes in fabled mountains Monte Zoncolan, Plan de Corones – which is used for the stage 16 time trial – and the Gavia Pass. Team Principal Dave Brailsford said: “We’re all incredibly excited about racing in the Giro d’Italia. It is Team Sky’s debut in a Grand Tour event and another special moment for us.” Marco Pistoni, Sky Sport Commercial Director of Sky Italia, said: “We really believe in Team Sky, the partner of Sky Italia. It is the new reality of the cycling world, they have a strong philosophy, good values and we are convinced that they have a very important future. “Regarding the Giro d’Italia and its glorious 101st edition, we have also acquired the news rights to use for SkyTg24 and SkySport24 which we are very excited about.”

Wiggins will be looking to make his mark on the general classification early on, with an 8.4km time trial getting the race under way followed by two flat stages in Holland and then a team time trial on stage four. And while all eyes will be on Wiggins at the Tour de France as he looks to better his fourth place in 2009, Brailsford was quick to stress that he will also give the Giro the full respect it deserves.

He added: “You can’t go to a race like the Giro and not take it seriously. You go to the Giro to race the Giro and that’s what Bradley will do.” The riders themselves can’t wait to represent Team Sky in their first Grand Tour. Barry and Hayman head to the race fresh from excellent performances in the Spring Classics and both are relishing the test ahead. Barry told us: “The Grand Tours are on a different level – all the riders are excited about it and I hope all the fans are too. “The team looks really good. I know Bradley’s fitness is great right now and he’s motivated to do some nice rides, especially in the first part of the race. “We have some quick sprinters and also riders who can climb really well so I’m sure the victories will come.” That view was echoed by Hayman, who added: “We’ve got fast guys and GC guys and people who can support them. It’s nice going into a race with different goals every day, whether the focus is on Greg, Wiggo or whoever. “The Giro normally has something spectacular thrown in and I’m sure this edition will be no exception. They always try and make it pretty special each year.”

Meanwhile Froome is expected to be fit to take his place following his crash in Tuesday’s prologue of the Tour of Romandie. The 24-year-old didn’t suffer any serious damage but was cut and bruised after crashing to the ground on a tricky final corner in Porrentruy, Switzerland. He took the decision to head back to his base in Tuscany to make sure he’s 100% for the Giro, and told us on Thursday: “I’m definitely hopeful that I’ll recover in time for the start. “To be ready for the Giro has been the big goal for me and I’m obviously going to be putting everything into that.”

The Armstrong and Millar show

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My partner in crime and greatest lieutenant Dan comes up with all the best jokes I take credit for and own mutal hatred for Armstrong and Millar keep us the best of friends. Today our conversation turned from the Millar C**T CAM to a new project, The Armstrong and Millar show. A cartoon strip lambasting our joint favorite has-been dopers. However we came across an early hiccup as neither of us can draw better than a no armed cat so our project dried up after about 5 minutes of hilarity on twitter. That is until the amazing Scott from Velocast knock up this little beauty during his lunch hour !!!!

The dream is born. The Armstrong and Millar show is back on track, our vilest piss-taking minds are working over time to bring you the best comic strip the cycling world has ever seen.

Vanni Pettenella unpublished

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My good friend Mario Bucchich has let me post this beautiful film on Vanni Pettenella. Check out Mario’s other great films on his You Tube channel here.

Una raccolta di fotografie inedite di Vanni Pettenella scattate durante la sua carriera, gentilmente concesse da suo figlio Marco. – A selection of unpublished pictures of Vanni Pettenella, property of his son Marco.

Thanks you so much for letting me share this it is beautiful.

4 Wins and a podium for Team Frezza Pasta Montegrappa

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The last 10 days have been very successful for Team Frezza Montegrappa, with 4 wins and a podium within 10 days. David Mclean scored 3 wins in a row at the Cambridge 10 mile Time Trial the 15th of April, then a win at the Debenhem 20 mile open TT on the 17th of April, followed by another win the 22nd of April at the Cambridge 10 mile TT. In this race, David beat 3 time national Time Trial champion Michael Hutchinson. Meanwhile in Yorkshire, Gunnar Gronlund was scoring a win at the Cuckney 10 mile Time Trial. Sunday 25th of April saw another great performance by the Team at the Thames Velo Spring Road Race with David Mclean finishing 3rd, Peter-Lee Jefferies 5th, Gareth Hewitt 7th and Oliver Graham 12th. The Team will now compete on Sunday in the Chas Messenger RR, apart from Gareth Hewitt and Oliver Graham who will compete in the Totnes-Vire 2-day Stage Race.

For more information about Chas Messenger Road Race

Derny clothing

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Derny is a new range from Solo cycle clothing. After quickly establishing a reputation with Solo for distinctive retro-style cycle clothing they have now created a range of modern, functional and stylish garments for the urban cyclist. “Our motivation is simple: to create clothes we want to wear, for enjoying the sport we love.”

My favorite is this Merino wool Polo shirt