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Tour of Flanders 1953

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on April 3, 2010
Teammates Désiré Keteleer (left) and Wim Van Est race toward victory in the
1953 Tour of Flanders. Though both riders race for Garin, you’ll notice a
few differences in bikes and kit. Dutchman Van Est’s bike is marked
“Garin”, while Belgian Keteleer’s bike is marked “Fiorelli” (his sponsor for
races in Italy). Van Est’s jersey is embroidered with tire sponsor “Wolber”
while Keteleer’s is embroidered “Clement”. Furthermore, Keteleer’s jersey
has two dark stripes around the chest and the sleeves, while Van Est’s is
all one color. Van Est is using wing nuts, while Keteleer has Campagnolo
quick releases hubs (with “Frankenstein” bolts). Their breakaway succeeded,
and they finished one-two, with Van Est first across the line, about 4 bike
lengths ahead of Keteleer.

Désiré Keteleer was another one of the greatest “jersey collectors”, racing
for no less than 22 different teams (sometimes under four different
contracts in one season) during his twenty year professional career.
Keteleer’s teams included: Alcyon, Allegro, Bauer, Bianchi, Brabant,
Carpano/Coppi, Cilo, Dilecta, Expressmatic/Coppi, Faema/Guerra, Fiorelli,
Garin, Ghigi, Girardengo, Groene Leeuw, J.B. Louvet, Helyett, Louyet,
Touring, Tricofilina/Coppi, Van Hauwaert, and Wolf.

From “But et Club – Le Miroir des Sports” No.399, 7th April 1953. 

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