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The ongoing tire nightmare.

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on April 7, 2010

I’m sick of tires. In fact that’s not true I’m not sick, I know what tires I love, Vittorias Open Tubs and their Paves which are bloody beautiful tires but although they are the nicest handling tires I have ever ridden they are not suitable on the vile London roads. I had put this down to them just not being tough enough for the harsh winter weather we have just had. After a conversation with the great Nick Gee and La Gazzetta road captain Paul I switched to Continentals. Everything was going well, absolutely no punctures, I thought my dreams had come true and I could finally rest with a decent tire choice for life. However I spoke to soon. The Contis I ran the new GP4000s with black chilli drag like BMX tires and although being very grippy and bomb prove make my ride feel like it’s on an old Raleigh Grifter. also I’m a big guy and 110psi is a bit soft for my lump of arse to run and feel responsive. So I’m back to square one. The Contis are being saved for winter which I think they are perfect for and until I find a decent tire I’ve gone back to my beloved PAVE and are keeping fingers crossed that the puncture bitch doesn’t come and try to fuck me in the arse.

Please if you have good tire recommendations please leave them in the comments below. Although please don’t mention PRO RACE 3’s or Ultremo’s as I know about these and have run them before. Also I have come to the conclusion that tire choice is very similar to saddle choice and is a very personal thing so please don’t comment if its just to say this tire is shit or that tire is rubbish. I’m more interested in a good old fashion bike chat about tires. I’ve heard that Vittoria have released this year a version of their OPEN TUB CORSA in the new ‘Tech’ version which is a bit more sturdy and puncture proof so I reckon I’ll check them out. Unless someone from a certain lovely suppliers wants to send me some before then, please….


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