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There’s a new love in my life and its called SPORTFUL

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on April 10, 2010

Everyone knows I love Santini, full stop no arguments, Santini are for me the heart of cycling clothing, the original and the best. However like a fickle teenager my head gets constantly turned by another beautiful Italian company that keeps turning out just the kind of things I love. I feel like a cheating rat of Tiger Woods proportions every time i go on their website and start to dribble over the Italia Team kit they make and the great basics they have in their line. So can I have two loves in my life? What if my Santini jersey gets jealous one day because I’ve gone out in my Sportful one. Oh god I cant handle the pressure anymore. I’m a simple man in love with two Italian greats. The reason I’m saying all this is because there is a new something on the horizon that I can’t take my eyes off and I am likely to start killing if I can’t get one soon. It’s the Team Italia track jacket, made of 3XDRY fabric – three front pockets – one inside pocket – adjustable vents for breathability – completely lined using body mapping. SHIT THE BED ITS LUSH and I want one bad. Sorry mister Santini I do love you but I’m off with someone else.

Not only that but I love this jacket too and I love loads more so much I think I’m going blind as I type………………. So I’m off to compile a list of all the stuff I’m going to rob from the bike shop down the road that stocks SPORTFUL.

Here’s a video too of my friend Paul dressed up to the nines in the Sportful product highlights 2010 video – PRO AS YOU LIKE.


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