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A Collection of PRO CYCLING CAP from Michael BARRY

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on April 13, 2010

OK, OK, OK………….. It’s time for you lot to start getting VERY jealous because being a sufferer of psychosis my other self is already as jealous as f**k of my other self. Being a friend to the PRO TOUR STARS can be tough at times but even a job like this can have its benefits when you get in the post a priceless collection of PRO CYCLING CAPS from one of the greatest riders on the planet and friend of La Gazzetta, Michael “PRO AS FUCK” Barry. Not only that I’ve got a new TEAM SKY one before they get released to the public which must make me a PRO don’t you think as only PROs have them at the moment…. Look at these little babies all from Michael’s private collection and all his past PRO TOUR TEAMS I can’t fucking believe it.

Michael thanks so much I’m litterally bouncing off the walls with excitement at the moment and will wear, cherish and look after these little gems like they are made from gold. Best of luck with the coming races.


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