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Fabio Close Race report

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on April 14, 2010

Basically Fabio has been racing loads lately but because he is a lazy little 13 year old kid I’ve had to bust his arse to get his race reports written. However he has been in Preston and the Manchester Velodrome lately and here is his report from Preston followed by the good news from the Velodrome. Well done Fabio your new team colours are looking good too! I am so proud of your achievements so far with your racing. When we dropped Nick on that hill in Bedford the other day I knew we were onto something good.
On Thursday I raced at Preston Sports Arena. It was an 8 mile race and split into 3 categories. The under 16’s set off first with about a 20 second head start and the under 14’s were set off 20 seconds before the under 12’s. This was so that nobody caught each other. As soon as we started I sprinted off the group with 4 other riders. A rider dropped off so that left 4 of us. I could see the under 16’s about 200 metres away so I attacked to get on the back of the u16’s. I got there easily and dropped the other 3 riders I was with but the u16’s were going so slow that they got on the group anyway. The pace was slow all the way around with a few attacks here and there but nothing major. On the last lap I made my way to the front. I led out for about half a mile and 2 riders sprinted round me before the last corner. I held my position and came 3rd in the end but the boys who beat me were under 16’s so I still won my age category. I was pleased to get back racing at Preston and i’m hoping to win the overall league.

Last Friday I raced at the north west regional omnium at manchester velodrome. The omnium consisted of a flying 250m sprint, A devil, a 15 lap scratch and a 4 lap scratch. The first race which was The flying 250m was a good result because I am not a good sprinter so I was happy with coming 3rd. The second race was a devil and I was boxed in most of the way and when I got near the back with 2 laps to go I moved back and sprinted round the group. I made a gap and sprinted to the line but was pipped to the line and I came 2nd. The next race was a scratch and I was in second place overall 3 points behind the leader. I was boxed in the whole race but managed to pull up with about 3 laps to go and find a gap. I sprinted over 3rd to get 2nd wheel but on the last lap I couldn’t get round in time. So far I was on 7 points and the leader was on 3. That meant I had to come 4 places ahead of my rival to win. In the 1 kilometre scratch I was in a bad position all the way and I ended up just defending my position and I came 5th in the last race. I came 2nd overall so I was really happy.


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