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PRO Cycling vs. Cyclesport

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on April 15, 2010

I’ve said it a million times before but Cycling Weakly and Cycle Sport magazine are the laziest magazine editorially I’ve ever had the misfortune of spending my money on. I gave up reading Cycling Weakly about 6 months ago after I finally realised that this once great weekly magazine is being overtaken by a bunch of self obssessed two bob hacks like Lionie Birnie who on one hands spends his time on twitter slagging of all the PROs only to lick their arse when he wants an interview. Then, came that basically sickening interview with David Millar in Cycle Sport insisting that we all “should really try and understand just what David Millar has gone through”….. The last time I read anything interesting in it I think I still didn’t have any pubes. It doesn’t make any sense. They hire great writers to write in their two publications, Stephen Farrand, Chris Sidwells and Shane Stokes are some of the best cycling writers we have but the rest of the content in the magazine is just rubbish really. So when my copies of PROCYCLING and CYCLESPORT came through my letterbox this morning I thought it was interesting to see that they had both included GIRO reviews. Basically Cyclesport once again has proved to me that it is not only lazy but completely not worth buying anymore. The only info it has in it is what I could quite easily get for free from the internet on La Gazzetta Dello Sport’s website. Its been thrown together with no thought or consideration for actual fans of the race whatsoever. PROCYCLING on the other hand has not only been through a good new re-design but the GIRO section is loads better. Its not much different in scope but with contributions from Pozzato, Pinotti, Angelo Zomegnan and Michele Scarponi it at least looks like some effort has been put into it and its much more readable interesting and worth reading. I would just like to say well done PROCYCLING I think you get a lot of stick from many people but your new design is great and thanks for doing a proper preview of my favorite race of the year. As for you lot down in CROYDON, hang you heads in shame you are so lucky to have the access you have to the cycling world and you employ some of the best writers there are but the rest of you!!!! my little sister could put more effort into covering the GIRO than you lot have done. Lazy, thoughtless, uninteresting and uninspiring.


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