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La Gazzetta Della Bici Sportswool Jersey UPDATE

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on April 16, 2010

I’ve had such a good day today. Me and my friend Dan rode up to the South Bank to meet Pete from Shutt Velo Rapide and La Gazzetta road captain Paul to see the first sample of my jersey he had made for me. Basically the jersey is perfect and just what I wanted. After a brief discussion it became apparent that the logo for Gazzetta wasn’t working and I expressed my desire to have a more subtle branding for the jersey. This has resulted in the logo becoming much smaller and simply sitting snug under the Italian flag on the front and back. I cut out a piece of paper with the word on it and got it to the right size and photographed another mock up to illustrate what it is going to look like. The words La Gazzetta Della Bici are still going to be embroidered in white like the Shutt logo. Pete is now going to get another mock up embroidered for me to sign off on Monday and then they will go into production and for sale on the Shutt website. For a special time until the end of MAY they will be at the unique price of £50 per jersey. After that date they will be special orders only and go back to the original price Shutt charge for such a service. I really hope you will like them and I’ll post proper photographs when they are finally made and I hope the people who have shown interest still want to buy one. I am basically going to buy 200 for myself so it doesn’t really matter if no one buys one as I’ll keep Shutt in business myself. The quality of the jerseys now I have had the chance to get a proper look and pull of one are top class. The Sportswool is amazing and the best quality and the finishing is the best too. I am really happy and I am a fussy fucker. Dan got to wear it home from our ride so I could see how it looked on someone and I love the classic style of it and that from behind the little Italian flag stands out great. Thanks Pete and Simon from Shutt you are doing an amazing job and me and Dan were talking back in Richmond about how weird but great it was to find a business this open and interested in its customers and not just out to make money from us. I really appreciate all the work you are putting into this project and the special price you are giving us all too. I cannot recommend Shutt enough if you are a club or a group of riders wanting to get jerseys made I have been completely bowled over by the easiness of the process and have meet some good friends in the process too.

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