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Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on April 17, 2010

This week I was very luck to get in the post some of the new Elite Team water bottles. Although I have already lost one yesterday I thought I would write up a quick little review of them before I loose the other two I was sent. “Water bottles are water bottles” you could say although I’d argue with you until I was blue in the face they are not. Some I’ve had are made of plastic too stiff to squeeze easily, some have really hard nips that cut your lip whenever you take a drink and some, however many bottle cage combinations I’ve tried never seem to fit properly and just rattle around vibrating all ride. Some company’s make them and charge over a £10 for one, some you can get really cheap. Anyway enough of this, these little beauties from Elite are near perfect. I have Elite cages so found myself in luck that the fitted perfectly with no annoying rattle. The plastic, whilst seeming very tough is also very squeezy and perfect for when you have the “crisi di fame” and are too weak to squeeze a lemon let alone a un-squeezy bottle. The nip is also very soft on your lip and the stopper is secure enough that whilst I’m typing this I’m also holding it upside down and am not getting any drips from it at all. Everyone’s favourite webshop WIGGLE are going to be stocking them soon and probably loads of other places too but WIGGLE are the best in my book and at about £4.49 that isn’t that bad a price for your own little bit of PRO TEAM TIZZLE. I will be buying them all as I am as you know a sucker for anything PRO and all the different team’s ones look great.


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