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More great racing results from Fabio Close

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on April 17, 2010

Heres your race report Lamby. Cheer up Tic Tac 🙂

On Saturday I raced at the Richard Dunn sports centre in Bradford. The weather was warm and windy. The course is about 1km long and undulating. There is a slight climb up to a hairpin and the next half a lap the course is downhill and then it goes uphill to the finish line with a few sharp corners. My race was 25 laps. We rolled off as a group and as soon as they blew the whistle I sprinted straight off taking 3 riders with me. After the first lap we had a gap of about 250 metres. We lapped the group about 6 laps in and were constantly lapping other riders. There was a sprint lap with 14 laps to go so I just sat in and stuck with the group. One rider was trying to break the group by attacking. The group stayed as a 4. We lapped the main group again on the second sprint lap. Lucklily they couldn’t stay on our group. On the sprint lap I rested again and just sat in waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack. With 5 laps to go I led up the hill and sprinted out of the hairpin. I was going flat out and dropped the other riders. I stayed out for a lap on my own then I was caught by 1 rider. I did all of the work to stay away and we were pulling away from the other 2 riders the whole way. On the bell lap I led out to make sure we didn’t get caught. On the last corner the other rider sprinted round me but I had nothing in my legs to stick with him. I cruised over the line for second and I was really pleased with my result. I have the North West regional road race on Saturday so hopefully I will win that and then it’s the isle of man youth tour the week after.


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