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OH GOD SHIT THE BED, I’ve done something really stupid but it is love.

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on April 17, 2010

Yes that’s right I’ve done something really stupid but I just couldn’t help myself. I sold my winter tires instead of sensibly storing them away until the end of the year and with the money I got for them I brought these babies. I know my modern day cycling hero Nick Gee is shaking his head in disgust already but I couldn’t stop myself. They are handmade in Italy, by blind disabled kids, they have the Italian flag on the side wall and they are lighter than the Japanese origami paper my wife likes to use. The thread has worn out just looking at them and I know they are only going to last for a week at the most but this next week is going to be one of the most beautiful dramatic and enthralling weeks professional cycling has ever witnessed. I can already hear the voices of Coppi and Gimondi calling me from across the sun drenched Mediterranean sea. OH GOD I’m in love and they come in a box for god sake what other tire comes in its only bloody box. Jesus son of God please help me!!! Mother Mary what have I done….. There will be tears when I’m 40 miles from home with a flat but I don’t care the spirit of Pantani will guide me home……


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