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FABIO CLOSE North West Road Race Championship

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on April 27, 2010

That’s right people TIC TAC won the North West Road Race Championships and is now the proud owner of his very own yellow jersey. Well done Fabio the first of many titles to come your way this season. I am so proud of you….

On Saturday I raced in Southport for the North West road race championships. The weather was quite warm but no wind. The u14’s race was 25 laps which is 25 kilometres. The course was tight and about the width of a car. The race started slowly and then someone attacked on the first bend and the race split up into 2 halves. I was in the leading group about 3rd wheel. The laps were going by and more riders were dropping off the back. There ended up being six of us with about 10 laps to go. One boy was doing all the work so we all just sat on his wheel and waited until the last couple of laps. I tried to attack with 6 laps to go and one rider got across but he dragged the other 4 with him. I just sat up and moved into 3rd wheel. On the last lap the boy who was doing all the work was on the front and I was 2nd. He led round all the way slowly and not looking what was going on behind. There was a bit of jostling for position but I held my position. My main rival was on my wheel so I had to be aware. The home straight is about 150-200m long. As we went round the last corner I shot down the inside leading out the whole way sprinting as fast as I could. I looked through the inside of my arm to see where everyone was and they were all on my wheel but couldn’t get round me. I sat up and celebrated over the line. I was overjoyed. I won a yellow jersey and a gold medal. It was a great feeling going over the line in 1st place and it makes me more determined to get that feeling again.

I am currently in the Isle of Man getting ready for the IOM youth tour which will take place on Friday,Saturday and Sunday. I am on good form for it and I hope to do well in it.

Fabio Close


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