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Gimondi or Merckx

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on April 28, 2010

I’ve found a couple of great cycling minds and I hope a couple of new friends in the two guys that put together the utterly brilliant Velocast Podcasts. Both John and Scott are like a breath of fresh air in the constant barrage of slop that gets spoken by the more established cycling press. Just in case you don’t already listen to the show please do as it is by far the best one out there. They talk a lot of sense and have some great ideas. That is apart from when I heard John say that Gimondi was his favorite rider, until he realised what real cycling was and started to follow Merckx instead. Now that are fighting words right there. To me Gimondi was always the star of that period its just that he is constantly overlooked by that massive shadow cast by Merckx. So as a little bit of lighthearted fun and remember we are just having fun here it is also allowed in life, who was the greatest Mreckx or Gimondi? My money will always be on Gimondi forever. But, I think I know what everyone is going to say you bunch of losers.

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