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Il Campione e il Bandito

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on April 30, 2010

Good friend of mine and author of the great photographs I have just post Manfred Willkomm has a friend in Italy called Fausto, who is working on a new film about Girardengo and has very kindly let me post these exclusive pre-production photos from on set. I’m really excited about this. The film is based on the true story of campione Costante Girardengo and his greatest fan the bandit Sante Pollastri. The story goes that Sante Pollastri escaped arrest several times from the police and it was only after a policeman found out that Pollastri was a great fan of Girardengo that they managed to arrest him at the finish line of a race. The location of the set was in a historical villa near to Torino.

I really want to say thank you to Manfred and Fausto for letting me post these pictures on La Gazzetta Della Bici. I appreciated it very much.


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