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Fabio at the Isle of Man Youth Tour

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on May 2, 2010

This was a big race. Fabio went to the Isle of Man to compete against some of the best in the country at his age group and without spoiling the results for you he did bloody well. Here are some great photos and Fabio’s report from the last few days. Fabio you know I am proud of you but well done.
Stage 1

Stage 1 was a prologue along the promenade and back. It was a 1.2 kilometer Time Trial with a tailwind out and headwind back. Each rider was off at 30 second intervals. I started in a big gear and got it going fairly quickly. I tried to change gear but it wouldn’t change so I had to make do. I got to the hairpin and took the corner well and sprinted out of it. I Gave it everything until the line and clocked in at 2 minutes dead in 8th position.

Stage 2

Stage 2 was on a closed road up a 1 mile hill with an average gradient of about 10%. Then it turns left and goes up another 1 mile hill but not as steep. It goes left again and then its a 2 mile descent all the way back to the first hill. We started and straight away 7 riders got away including me. I struggled first time up the hill but managed to stay on the front group. I made it up the second hill still in the front group and on the descent. On the second time up the hill I was behind a rider but he got dropped right in front of me and I couldn’t get round. By the time we got up the hill the group were ahead by about 200m. There were 3 of us working together. We went up the hill for the third time and at the top one rider attacked but I got on straight away and the other rider dropped off. On the descent a rider from behind caught us and we jumped on his wheel. We went up the hill AGAIN and we stayed as a three. On the second hill the rider who caught us attacked and had a good gap of about 50m. I made the other rider do the work to make the gap bridgeable and when he started tiring I attacked past him and made it to the other rider easily. I sat on his wheel on the descent and on the corner before the hill I went past him and dropped him on the corner. When I realized how far behind he was I put in a huge effort to stay away and carried on up the hill and finished 8 seconds ahead of him in 5th place 3:30 down on the leader.

Stage 3

Stage 3 was a circuit race around the national sports center cycle circuit and It counted for the national circuit series. Due to time bonuses I had to defend 5th place by beating the boy in 6th.The race was 24 laps long and there were sprints on lap 20,14,8 and 2 but only lap 20 and lap 2 counted for national series points. On the first prime lap I had to get round a rider and I sprinted neck and neck with a rider but I got 3rd. I sat in the pack and didn’t do any work the whole way until 2 laps to go on the prime. On the bend before the finish line a rider attacked for the national points but he overcooked the corner and his front wheel turned in and he went straight over his handlebars. I took the corner well and managed to get on the outside of the rider who crashed and took the sprint points easily. with 2 laps to go a rider attacked and stayed out for about a lap and a half and we caught him just before the final bend but he sat up in front of me and I was boxed in so I ended up finishing in the pack but I still beat the rider in 6th place overall so I held my position.

I came 5th place overall and that puts me in 3rd place overall in the national series. There is a national circuit race on Saturday at Hillingdon.


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