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1979 Gios Super Record at Ray Dobbins

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on May 4, 2010

THE SHIT DREAMS ARE MADE OF….. Many thanks to Rich for pointing this out to me and its available over at Ray Dobbins shop.

A bike like this is generally built with stock or Gios-pantographed Campagnolo Nuovo or Super Record parts. I decided to do something different and used milled and drilled Campagnolo Super Record parts. The result is a very light bike which is mostly period correct, with a couple of upgrades that would be correct for a mid 80s build. The bike as shown weighs 18.5 lbs. which is pretty darn light for a vintage bike this size.

The bike is in beautiful condition, with several like-new or NOS parts, but it is perfectly rideable, and in fact the ride is superb. Fast and agile, but still steady and comfortable, it really is something special. Keep it as a showbike or ride it, either way this one-of-a-kind Gios will make you very happy.

Price is $2,500 plus actual shipping. I welcome any questions or comments you may have. You can write me, or you can call me at 786-423-4024.


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