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My thoughts on doping within cycling.

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on May 4, 2010

One thing I love about running this blog is being introduced to people I would never normally meet and being able to witness through stories and photographs the lives of everyday cycling heroes like Duff Fawcett. After just a brief conversation he very kindly let me publish these wonderful, inspiring and emotional photographs of his life in cycling, including many pictures of his friends and team mates some of who are no longer with us. Looking at pictures like this helps me understand and put into perspective my thoughts about PRO cycling and the problem with doping in the sport. Whilst it seems like so much of the cycling press and so many ‘fans’ of the sport seem absolutely obsessed with fixating on the riders taking drugs there are literally millions of normal people and PROfessionals out there riding bikes everyday, clean, in their own PRO way, creating their own histories and stories of the sport. We have a beautiful sport to write and dream about if we want to and pictures like this prove it. It saddens me to constantly read websites, organisation’s manifestos and journalist’s work proclaiming to be working for the love, protection and moral health of the sport who have nothing to say apart from negativity and vitriol about cycling.

Duff, it’s been an honor to met you and an even bigger honor to be able to reproduce such beautiful photographs. Consider yourself a fully fledged member of La Gazzetta della Bici’s Cycling hall of Everyday Cycling Heroes. It is people like you and photographs like this that keep me dreaming of the sport of cycling when everyday it seems like more and more negativity is being preached and practiced.


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