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Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on May 5, 2010

I love the Uniqlo baselayer system and every time I go to buy some new ones I find they have brought out different versions which are even more what I was looking for. Summer is coming the weather is getting warmer and that means I like to wear white baselayers and preferably mesh vests as they have that nice retro Sean Kelly feel to them. Also why wear more material than you really have too. I have never really experienced the ‘strap on your bibshorts’ problem that so many people bring up when not choosing vests so I wear them all the time and I like them a lot. So, I was really happy to find that Uniqlo have released these in their normal well performing Dry Mesh material and you get 2 in a pack for only £6.99, that’s under £3.50 each!! Also if you buy them now you get 2 packs for £11.99. As for performance it’s the same as ever. I personally really like them. Certain people will start screaming that they aren’t merino wool or whatever but for under £4 a pop you can’t go wrong. They are very light and I’ve gone for a size under to make it Euro fit and they aren’t that long in the body so you don’t have to tuck loads into your bibshorts. It is still a little too cold to just be wearing them on a ride but Ive been wearing them around the house and they feel and fit lovely. So there you go. Buy some. If you don’t like them you haven’t wasted loads of money and they do a v-neck T-shirt version and a whitesnake(ish) sleeveless T-shirt type of thing too. However, I’m sticking well clear of them as this is not the 80’s and I am definitely not trying to bring a bad soft rock look into the already silly South London cycling scene.


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