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Sprinting for Signs writes Exclusively for La Gazzetta della Bici

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on May 9, 2010

I am very happy to announce that one of the best commentators and bloggers on cycling has agreed to write some short sharp notes for La Gazzetta. Rich Land of Sprinting for Signs will write and post up some of his usual essential comments on the GIRO throughout “The Greatest Show on Earth”. Rich’s blog Sprinting for Signs is essential bookmark stuff for anyone interested in ‘la bici’. There isn’t anything Rich doesn’t know or have an opinion on when it comes to cycling and am very privileged and happy to welcome his views to the pages of La Gazzetta and hope you all do too.

Not sure what it is with the Giro organisers but you’d have thought that after last year’s Milano stage where the races staged a go slow they would make sure that the courses are safe. Crashing may be an occupational hazard for a cyclist but they are not performing monkeys.

So Utretch stage – ergh Boring. It’s only roughly 35km from Amsterdam which means the riders could have two nights in the same Hotel, but I’m sure that’s the only benefit to today’s stage. As predicted by many it ended in a bunch sprint and the smart money was on Farrar for sure, especially as Greipel is suffering from some ‘stomach issues’. Was Brad robbed of the jersey? As a Brit the crash was unfortunate. As a fan, it’s bike racing, but I’d have preferred him to stay in the Pink at least until Italy.

I think that tomorrows stage won’t really effect the overall and I’d expect Evans to remain in Pink. I am a little disappointed that the Dutch Ardennes have been missed out, and in true Tour de France style the first few days looks like it’ll be really ergh boring. Oh and for tomorrows winner, could be a straight duke out between Petacchi and Farrar, but I’m not a great pundit.

Rich Land


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