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My Local Bike Shop

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on May 15, 2010

I am really lucky to live in SW London as there is really good access to the countryside and some of the best bike shops in the capital are here too. One of my favorite bike shops is Prologue in East Sheen run by the amazingly friendly Bruce Berkley and staff. However, recently Bruce opened along with GIANT UK a GIANT store right at the bottom of my road in Twickenham. The staff and mechanics are all originally from Prologue and everyone there is literally top class. The service they give is great and every job they have done on my bike is outstanding. In an industry where bike shop staff can get a tough time for being grumpy this lot must be on happy pills as I have never seen them in a bad mood, they are always looking to help out and have got me out of quite a few scrapes too. I can’t recommend the shop enough, my only criticism is that being a GIANT store there isn’t a great range of products outside of GIANTS own branded stuff but I would and much prefer to order from them, wait a couple of days and get them to fit it (as I did my latest cassette) as I know I will get great service, good work and won’t walk out feeling like a numpty.

Here is a picture of Lawrence Dallaglio’s bike he rode recently for comic relief which lives in the shop.

OPEN: Tues – Fri: 10am 7pm Sat: 9am 6pm Sun: 12pm 5pm


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