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The Art of Cycling

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on May 20, 2010

A little while ago I got into a discussion on art in cycling and science in cycling and which side of the fence I sat on. I like to think of cycling as a marriage between the two. However I will always love the ART so much more. This for me is perfectly illustrated in how I like to prepare for a big ride like I am doing tomorrow. I’m riding with Dan and Paul who are both far fitter and better at climbing than me and we are going to be riding some of the big hills in the south-east tomorrow. Whilst these hills are nothing compared to many hills in the rest of the country they are still big enough for me and a feeling of dread is beginning to come over me. There is something about SPORTS BASED drinks and food I just don’t really get on with. Have you ever seen the inside a bidon that has been left for a few days after having an energy drink in it. What the shit is all that furry, moldly, slimy stuff? Also however many different energy bars and gels I try to get used too all they do is give me really bad wind and bloat me out and that is no good for anyone! I have over the last couple of months worked out a little way around this problem and it starts with dinner the night before. There is nothing more inspiring than watching old cycling footage and watching the likes of Gimondi and Moser tucking into a massive plate of pasta with an equally massive steak as a side dish. I know we can all benefit massively from carefully planned nutrition and diet but nothing say Italian cycling more to me than stuffing my face with loads of spaghetti the night before a big ride. I always make sure I drink a load of good water the night before too. Enough to get properly hydrated and just enough to make me need to get up in the night a couple of times to take a good piss. So this is my tea for tonight and yes I will eat this entire packet of pasta too but it works for me and is probably why I’m still a fat knacker but that’s the way it is. In the morning I make sure I get up at least an hour before I need to and eat a good breakfast with loads of bananas which are perfect fuel for rides. This way I just know what exactly is going in and out of me. It might not work for everyone but it is beginning to work for me and my level of cycling…………… And that is my idea of ART in cycling. No chemicals, no added this that or another and no £1.70 for a small packet of jizz like stuff that makes me want to gag. Just good natural food.


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