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Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on May 21, 2010
So all of you old seedy has-been cyclists take you EPO and just retire. We knew you all doped, get over yourself, retire and leave the sport to the new changing generation who want to race clean. You will never hold my heart like COPPI does so stop pretending you are the best. He was and he still is. Lance you won 7 races in you life. Coppi won fucking hundreds and he died with both of his balls still intact. Floyd you need help my friend not revenge. If your team mates took DOPE that is their problem to deal with not yours. Who are you to clean up the image of cycling you nearly destroyed it. All of you fuck off now your time has past, you are in the past stop trying to hold onto your fading stars. Pat McQuaid you are a disgrace and far more troubling in my mind than a doped up rider. 

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