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I support and believe Michael Barry

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on May 22, 2010

Official Response To Landis Comments. This is Michael Barry’s official response to the Floyd Landis’ allegations.
I am shocked at the allegations from Floyd Landis. They are completely untrue.  A few years ago,  I cycled the Vuelta a Espana race and trained two days prior to the Vuelta with him — one 6 hour ride and one two hour ride. I did not share or use any banned substances such as EPO when I was riding with him and am dismayed at his allegations. Landis is either lying or has mistaken me with another rider.
I have nothing to hide. I compete as a clean athlete. I am proud to be an advocate for change in this sport and am proud to be an athlete who competes without the use of any banned substance. I have been a member of international cycling teams that have been staunch supporters of anti-doping and have required additional stringent testing of their athletes. If there are any reviews of this situation, I am happy to participate in any and all of them. For reference, a 2007 blog entry regarding a previous doping scandal.

Stay strong Micheal you are doing an amazing job at the GIRO.


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