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The VeloCast Eurobike Project 2010

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on May 27, 2010

As a sport cycling has some brilliant, amazing writers! However, cycling also unfortunately has a large collection of piss poor journalists. Middleclass soft boys sitting in crumbling ivory towers. There are however a few shining diamonds in this massive pile of dog shit and when I find it I tend to grab hold of it and cherish it as much as possible. John and Scott of Velocast are just such Diamonds. J&S don’t get paid for their reporting, they don’t get flown out to all the big races and they definitely don’t act like they know more than their listeners. They produce VELOCAST because they love cycling. I always look forward to their podcasts, they perfectly illustrate a shift in journalism that cycling is witnessing where we as fans no longer have to put up with being talked down to by certain journalists, but we can all now share through new and social media our own knowledge, excitement and love of the sport. John and Scott always have something interesting to say I cannot recommend them enough.

However I wanted to mention a particular project they are trying to get off the ground and get help with based on the EuroBike show later this year. I’ve taken this text from their website to explain.


We love talking about cycling. So much so that every week for the past year we’ve been sending our thoughts on cycling to the world in the form of a podcast called the Velocast. Inexplicably, it’s become quite popular. In September every year, the cycling industry gathers in Friedrichshafen, Germany for the Eurobike trade show. Eurobike is a great opportunity to see what the bike-making elves have been slaving over. We would like to be there so we can bring you details on what you should be lusting over in the next 12 months. However, it’s a long way from VeloCast towers to Germany and it costs quite a bit of money for us to cover the event properly. So, we’ve come up with a number of ways that you can help us get to Eurobike and create some great content for the show. We want to look at this as an opportunity for cycling fans and the community to directly fund the production of quality content without the need to seek corporate sponsorship or advertisers.

We sincerely thank you for your contributions

What Your Donations Will Be Spent On

So, here’s what your contributions will be used for: Tickets for Eurobike 2010, Petrol (gas) costs to get to Friedrichshafen, Germany (and back, of course!) Tickets for the Channel Tunnel. Yes, unfortunately there is an annoying strip of water between the UK and mainland Europe which means we either need to go over it or, as is the case, go under it. Costs for 2 pitches at a local campsite. Yes, we’re camping! We want to make sure this trip is feasible and that means the penthouse suite at the Friedrichshafen Hilton with hot and cold running chambermaids is, sadly, out of the question. More’s the pity. The odd Weiβwurst and Dunkle.

What Your Donations Will Produce

So, here’s what your contributions will be help us create:
Audio: At least 4 VeloCast episodes focusing on Eurobike content
Video: Online films focusing on the most innovative bike gear at the show
Interviews: Conversations with leading industry figures.

John and Scott
There are many ways to donate and help John and Scott, I really think they deserve all the help we can give them. I personally would love to see them reporting from the EuroBike show.
Show your support and DONATE at the VELOCAST website.

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