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Fabio Close Race Report: Hillingdon National Circuit Series

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on May 28, 2010

A few weeks back now Fabio raced down here at Hillingdon which basically is a weird circuit. It was pouring in rain windy as hell but he still manage to RUN THINGS throughout the race. Here is his report.

At the national circuit series in Hillingdon the weather was cold wet and windy. The youth B race was 20 laps with 2 primes (sprint laps) on 16 and 11. The pace was slow and it was difficult to stay near the front. I got boxed in on the sprint lap due to the slow pace. On the lap of the second sprint lap I sat on the wheel of the favourite to win but he didn’t contest but after the sprint lap he attacked with another rider so I jumped on and three of us had a gap of about 40-50 meters. The chasing group were tired from the sprint lap but our breakaway of three weren’t working well as a team as one rider refused to work. We stayed out for about 2 laps but got caught on the descent. Luckily it didn’t take too much out of my legs and I was able to follow the counter attacks. The bunch stayed together with no attacks until the last lap when everyone wanted to get to the front and I found myself at the back. I had to sprint on the outside to get to the front and managed to get about 10th wheel on the final bend before the long sprint. One rider cut inside of me on the corner and tire burned my shoe and my front wheel which shook me up a bit and I was about 15th. I had to sprint as fast as I could just to get 10th in the end.


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