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DINO ZOFF… The greatest goal keeper in the WORLD.

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on June 4, 2010
The year is 1982, I’m a fat 7 year old English school boy obsessed with Italian Football and the focus of that obsession was DINO ZOFF the greatest goalkeeper ever. Italy win the World Cup, Dino is 40 years old. Paulo Rossi wins the golden boot with 6 goals, Altobelli scores the 3rd goal and I immediately become a goal keeper. Today I watched the 1982 World Cup final on ESPN Classic and was immediately transfixed into that fat little kid once again. As tears ran down my face this afternoon I remembered the living room carpet in our house with the hole in where my dad wouldn’t take his shoes off, the heat of summer, my really bad hayfever, my Panini World Cup sticker album and Italy beating West German 3-1. All of the West Germans have mustaches, DINO ZOFF runs things from the Italian goal line and I have fish fingers, chips and peas for my tea. That is why I scream and shout a lot about cycling. It holds the same love in my life that DINO ZOFF did and brings all the same raw painful emotions with it. DINO wasn’t a cyclist but who cares look at this jersey how brilliant is it.

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