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HIGH5 PRO-LITE RACING JAPAN Race Report and Results JCRC Series Stage 3 Gunma CSC

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on June 7, 2010

With the 3rd Stage of the JCRC Series being moved to Sunday June 6th the
riders couldn’t have asked for better weather and although the new date
conflicted with other events the turnout was impressive with many of the
serious contenders for the series entering.

The Gunma CSC is considered one of the most technical courses in the series,
winding its way through country roads and with some serious technical climbs
that break the peloton up and with the finish also being on a climb leaves
only but the strongest sprinters to contest the win.

With James Machin progressing very well through the 2010 racing season and
placing 26th in the Tokyo – Itoigawa 300km Endurance Race even after
technical issues, he was in prime form on Sunday.

Taking control of the peloton he led out from the start and continued to
dominate the field for the remainder of the race. The final sprint for the
line was very close with James powering up the inside line after a very
clever fake attack 500 meters from the finish, leaving his wheel free.

Catching 1st wheel within meters of the line and powering through to take
the win and building on his lead for the season.

Tsukino Usami was also attending in the Primary School classification and
continued to show her stamina in this hilly course. Staying in hot
contention through the whole race for a podium finish she was able to
maintain her lead that she developed on the final climb taking 3rd place
overall and 1st place in the Girls Primary School Category.

Both riders will be racing in the next stage of the Tour Du Japon at Miyake
Jima, James will be looking to increase his lead after winning the first
stage while Tsukino will be looking to build on her points after an
impressive performance.

Again we thank you all for your continued support and look forward to
keeping you updated with more results throughout the season.

For a more detailed race report please visit the blog:

Tsukino’s update will follow soon.


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