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Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on June 12, 2010

My friend Gayle has been testing out my Rosso oil for me and she has just had her first race of the season. I’ve stolen her race report to post here because I like it. Gayle has the best BETTY LEEDS bike in the world and you can see pictures of it an more over on her blog “Riding Betty Leeds”.

First race of the season

It may have been my first race of the season but everyone else has been racing for a few months now. It rained on and off all morning and on us as we did a lap to warm up. 75km, 4 laps, B grade field of 30ish – 2 women; me and Paula McCoy. Oh well, it was raining and girls are girls and that was enough to make them stay away. CTB raced in B grade too. My Dad was also racing – he’s awesome, he races in the over 40’s; today they had a handicap race.
The first lap was fairly uneventful, a couple of breaks and we got completely drenched – it rained so hard I couldn’t see. Second lap the breaks tried a little harder and we chased a little harder. Well I didn’t – CTB was in every break so I did the minimum amount to keep from being pelted. A bit more rain and joy of joys, someone had shifted some stock across the road and we all got covered in cow shit.
Start of the third lap CTB was in a break of five and the bunch got stuck into some serious chasing. I was at the point where if I eased off it would all go horribly wrong so I kept the hammer down and did some work. Just before we slammed into the back of the break I saw my Dad up the road and thought it would be neat to ride past Dad on the front. I gave a few good kicks and rode up to Dad. We had quick chat; Dad was looking pretty good. Then Will (who owns 239 Bike and looks after my Dad for all his bike shop needs) rode up and gave Dad a pat on the back. At this point I noticed that behind us there was no bunch – they’d sat up when they hit the break.
Will said “Come on, lets smash them”, “Yeah” I said “lets go”. So we smashed them. Well Will smashed them, I figured I’d take a turn when Will waved me through. Then as we turned into a wind/hill combo my legs remembered I hadn’t raced for ages. I confessed this to Will and he took it remarkably well. As I tumbled off his wheel towards the bunch another rider bridged to take my place which made me feel less crap about the whole fiasco. I was sucked into the bunch and we rolled through the cow shit again – fitting.
A few of km’s before the start of the last lap the bunch got all motivated and starting hunting Will down. I was on the wrong side of dropped wheel and by the time I got round the offenders I couldn’t get back on. I tried, I got down and Mosered with everything I had – but no luck. About half way round Jianni, owner of Ibike (it was bike shop owner kinda day), joined me and we gossiped a bit and felt better. Then the next grade caught and dropped us and we felt stink again.
But CTB, the eagle of Onehunga (who does not own a bike shop) won! Also Adam (of derny modeling fame) had his first win. Hooray!
I’m on the sofa partially collapsed. But quite happy, my legs feel surprisingly good. The amazing Mr Lamb over at La Gazzetta Della Bici makes ROSSO a post ride massage oil that is out of this world. My legs are completely in love. It has been a pretty awesome day after all.

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