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Campionato Regionale Lombardo Race Report.

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on June 14, 2010

Good friends BrentSlim and Francesco sent me over these pictures from the Campionato Regionale Lombardo, Italy where Slim and Francesco raced. Check out the ham the winner gets, now that is a prize. Also check out the general good quality of everything. Take note British Cycling I don’t see any chalk drawn finishing lines and old men up step ladders here. This is one of the reasons I love Italy. All levels of cycling are respected with the highest regard. Slim had 3 third places while Brent was visiting, including this race the Lombardia Regional Championships. All of Brent’s photographs can be viewed here on his Flickr page.

Lombardia Regional Championships

This is the report from Brent.

Slim competes in the gentleman’s division, Francesco veteran, but they often combine the two. If so, Slim will usually perform domestique duties for Francesco as he is a demon sprinter, but if the grades are
separate Slim has more freedom to ride his own race. Going to the local races are fun, there’s some interesting personalities. Check out the racer’s wife (dressed very smartly) who is trying to sort out her husbands gears before the race! 
The other amazing thing about the races is the wonderful parcels of groceries that the riders receive all the way through to about 10th place. After the war in Italy it was hard times and providing food for the family was everything so they handed out food parcels. The winner of each grade received a big leg of ham at the Regional Championships. Brilliant.
(Brent, Slim and Francesco. Thanks so much for the pictures and the stories. I hope you like the ROSSO oil, when I pull my finger out of my butt I’ll send you out some more. Thanks so much


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