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Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on June 19, 2010

Calm is the virtue of the strong by Paul Sanders

You’ll all know the feeling the day after a long hard ride, legs, back and arms ache, generally feeling a bit broken. I’ve always had the same routine afterwards to try and allieviate some of the post ride effects: recovery drink – Rego by choice, bath or shower and stretching.

I’ve tried a few massage oils but never really got on with them, that is until now.

Having been asked to be a guinea pig for the past few months for the new Rosso oil (it has a long and fancy Italian name in reality) but this oil is special, so I thought it was about time I shared this little gem with you.

Like other oils you rub it in after your ride and it goes on smoothly, is absorbed by your skin quickly and easily without leaving you feeling greasy or staining clothing. Nothing new there you might say, but allow a few minutes, sit quietly and you will feel what I call the Rosso effect sweeping over you.

The oil has a lovely lemony aroma, with a hint of spice, the warmth seeps into your legs slowly but seems to work through your whole body. The mix of essential oils is so finely balanced that it works to relax not only your muscles but also your mind, bringing a feeling of calm and wellbeing to you.
This overall relaxation means that I have slept better since using Rosso too, bear in mind I have a pretty stressful job and average 4 hours sleep a night. I have recently tested the effects of Rosso after not riding and believe me I get an extra 2 hours sleep a night after massaging Rosso into my neck and shoulders, it also helps if are feeling a little stuffy – although it cant cure the common cold or man-flu!

I’ve suffered with fidgety legs often after rides and since using Rosso my legs have stopped being as twicthy which is really nice and the next morning your muscles dont feel as stiff or bruised.

For those of you who don’t like self massage try putting a capful in a warm bath, this is total luxury and is in my opinion a wonderful alternative application of the oil.

Overall I’d have to recommend this oil as totally outstanding and a must have for any cyclist or even for someone who just leads a stressfull life and needs a little bit of TLC.

Paul Sanders, Cycling Disorder

  1 x ROSSO £13.99  2 x ROSSO £27.98  3 x ROSSO £41.97 

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