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La Gazzetta Della Bici’s "ROSSO" recovery massage oil REVIEW

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on June 22, 2010
I really appreciate all the reviews that are coming in and the testimonials that people are writing for my first batch of ROSSO oil. I can’t believe the good luck wishes and positive comments I have received about it. However if you all think this is going to secure you all a spot on my Portofino Yacht then DO ONE!!! I just recieved this from Greg in America. Greg thanks so much your kind words, comments and critique are always welcome.

As a forty four (44) year old lawyer, father of three, bike shop owner and “Cycling Fanatic”, it would be an understatement to say that the sport and its culture consume me. This leads me to the topic of cycling oils and embrocations. Enter Simon Lamb’s “ROSSO”, the now “Gold Standard” in post exercise/cycling recovery massage oil. Despite being a true believer in embrocations and cycling oils, the post-ride genre has left me…..well….. simply put, “oily”……… with no feeling of relaxed muscles per se and no observable enhanced recovery time. However, after three strenuous rides, of no less than fifty miles each, in 98 to 100 degree temperatures in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and three subsequent applications of “ROSSO”, I am now a “STRONG AND CALM” believer in recovery oils, so long as the oil is “ROSSO”. “ROSSO” fulfills its claims of easing and relaxing tired muscles and noticeably improves the sensation of muscular recovery.

The oil itself is surprisingly “light” on the skin and absorbs wonderfully, which means no stained clothing or sticking to the sheets. However, I do recommend a brief period of time before putting on clothing or lying on fabric, so as to fully allow the oil to absorb into the skin and begin to fulfill its intended purpose. The oil itself is a truly unique and complex, yet synergistically perfect, mixture of a “who’s who” in the world of “essential oils”. The greatest aspect of “ROSSO” is the olfactory explosion of Lemon and Rosemary upon opening the product. Unlike other recovery oils, and what sets “ROSSO” apart from the peloton is its aromatherapy quality. After vigorous exercise, not only are the muscles tired, but the “psyche” is tired as well. The wonderful and strong scent of Lemon and Rosemary truly works to calm the nerves and puts one at peace, in particular if used prior to bed…… It seems to put one in the proper state of mind for sleep, which clearly benefits recovery. “ROSSO” will now be a part of my post-exercise regimen or if life itself gets the best of me.

I have but one complaint, I would prefer for the oil to be packaged in a squeeze bottle, so as to avoid spillage or leakage because the thought of wasting one drop of this Liquid Gold pains me. BUT, I guess that stress can be cured with the application of “ROSSO” itself. Enjoy, hope to see you on the road.


USA La Gazzetta Team Captain Greg Wittner

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