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A scented miracle in a bottle!!!!

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on June 23, 2010

Dear Lamby

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for letting me be one of the very lucky people to try your ROSSO oil. Now I haven’t been cycling too long (this is my third year), and I don’t do science, but I certainly know the benefits of regular sports massage which helps keep my niggles under control. And now I can also help myself with mini on the spot (the hurty spots) massages using ROSSO oil. Like I said, I don’t do science, but I know this stuff is just bloody lovely and it works. It smells absolutely gorgeous which just makes you want to use it and I’m convinced of it’s extra healing properties (I think that’s the comfrey) as I’ve been using it on my ankle following a nasty sprain and it healed a hell of a lot quicker than it ever has before.

Not a particularly conventional way to use it I’m sure, but it’s also fab in a hot bath after a ride. On a practical note the oil isn’t messy; it absorbs into the skin nicely but not too quickly. The smell is so natural yet powerful without being overbearing and it doesn’t change like many of the other oil based products out there, which just smell a bit odd after application.

Lamby this stuff is like a scented miracle in a bottle! You’ve put so much work into it and you should be very proud of the product and what you’re doing with it. Keep spreading the word, people need this in their lives…

Khara x


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