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Retro Pro ‘Go Big or Go Home’ by Mike Cotty

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on June 26, 2010

February 10th 2002

Word gets around that Gibo and wingman Bertagnolli would in fact be doing their own specific ‘Giro’ training and therefore, in true team leader style, the delay imposed at the start of the ride was subsequently unnecessary. You could tell that Simoni, and his swagger, knew all of this well in advance but it took some time to be realised by the rest of the team. The roll out was mellow along the coast, time enough to get into line and watch for the early move. Ok, that is a complete lie. There was never going to be an early move on a Saeco ‘training’ ride but being wrapped up in the middle of the ‘Red Train’ could only mean one thing. Less than fifteen minutes had passed and I was already in a full on ‘living the pro’ dream in a typical warped subconscious state of mind. Tucked out of the wind, letting my domestiques do the work felt good, but I already had the angsty feeling that I wanted to up the pace. More from excitement than anything else and I was sure that my favourite stocky little Nutella munching machine couldn’t have possibly processed his breakfast already.

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