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Fabio Close Race Report National Circuit Series

Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on July 9, 2010

Fabio is currently 3rd overall in the National Series and on the 18th he will be racing again near London at Hog Hill if anyone would like to come along and support.

Last Saturday I raced at Blackpool along the promenade for the national circuit series. The course was 1.2 miles long and undulating. The youth B race was 12 laps and there were sprints for extra points on lap 9 and lap 5. The race started slowly and there were no threatening attacks. On the sprint lap I just looked around and waited for some one to lead it out. One rider attacked and I got his wheel and got 2nd place which was an additional 3 points. The pace stayed slow until the whistle for the prime when a rider attacked on the hill and me and another rider stayed with him. One rider refused to work as me and the rider who launched the attack drove the pace along. It was the sprint lap and I just put a little spurt in to get the points. We had a gap of about 100 meters and we were still pulling away. 2 of us worked as a team whilst the other rider didn’t work and said he wouldn’t contest the sprint if we did the work so I didn’t mind because he is a good sprinter and probably would of beaten me. We got our heads down and hammered it on the front. When it got to the bell lap there was no cat and mousing and as we got to the home straight I didn’t want to lead out so I sat on his wheel waiting for him to kick. When he did I got past him quickly and I was giving it everything but I blew just before the end and he got past me again on the line. I was still happy because it was my best result in the nationals. I’m currently 3rd overall in the national series so I will gain points on 4th place to secure my position.
Good stuff Fabio, it’s good to see your race reports back on the pages of GAZZETTA. Remember you owe me £20.

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  1. James said, on July 10, 2010 at 12:00 am

    Nice Fabio…. keep the up the brilliant work.

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