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Posted in Uncategorized by lagazzettadellabici on July 9, 2010

At G.S. GAZZETTA and VELOCAST we care for the last place as well as the first place in our league. That’s why the LA GAZZETTA DELLO VELOCAST TDF LEAGUE will have prizes for the Lanterne Rouge as well as the Yellow Jersey. The 1st prize through the door for the Red Lantern is this great HIGH 5 Sports pack from HIGH 5 STREAMLINE SPORTS the Asia distributor for HIGH5 and my great friend and HIGH 5 SPONSORED RACER JAMES MACHIN in Japan.

Now, as James points out last place can wear the Baseball cap and sun glasses to hide in shame and use the HIGH5 Race Faster to make you ride faster next time!

The pack includes:
2x isogel packs
4x Energy gel packs
3x Energy Source drink packs
1x 4:1 carb protein drink pack
1x X’treme caffine load drink pack

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